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Remember. to. breathe

Two weeks ago I traveled from New York to Atlanta, GA to visit my brother and his family. A little hiccup along the way reminded me of the very important teaching on control and letting go. Basically, on my way back to New York from Atlanta my flight was delayed. Lucky for me my brother works for an airline and I managed to get on the next flight out. When I finally arrived in New York I was informed that my checked luggage was still in Atlanta and not loaded to the flight I arrived in. My bag was not to arrive for another 5 hours and it was already close to 10PM. When I asked probing questions as to why, I felt the staff were rude and dismissive. Perhaps I felt this way out of frustration rather than actuality. Eventually,  I left the airport without my luggage, my ego bruised, and irritated because I couldn’t control what was happening.

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5 Benefits of Yoga

I first started practicing yoga by following the teachings from a book called “Yoga Mind and Body” while in college to relieve fatigue and anxiety from the heavy work load. I would attempt the complicated postures (I say attempt because I knew I was doing most incorrectly) but after a series of Sun Salutations and sitting down quietly I felt energized and more relaxed! I practiced off and on over those years but felt I had found something very special because I kept going back to it. I was hooked! In actuality, it wasn’t until many years later that I stepped into a yoga studio to practice under the guidance of a teacher.

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